Agnès Brusca,


Photo de Agnès Brusca, Artiste Peintre dans le Var
Tableau La faille

She illuminates the souls of the bodies of her
paintings with water, fire and light, passing from the
figurative to the abstract.

It sublimates the harshness of our lives, the
magnificence of love, the depth of our souls and
the passion of our bodies.

Tableau Le Baiser
Tableau coup de sang

Thus, the spectator can be moved by a whole
range of sensations that the depth of his features
allows him to appropriate.

As it is her favorite color, she declines the blues to
infinity, while developing original shades of blacks
and reds.

Her quest is the search for light through shadow, in
every sense of the word, both pictorially and
philosophically and this is felt in the observation of
her unpublished works.
She mainly uses oil paint, while deepening her line
with different techniques such as the collage of
wood fibers and other materials, glazes, impasto,
golden leaves…
Her painting is essentially monochrome, even if she
sometimes brings out a multitude of colors…

Tableau elle se dévoile
Tableau Détermination

In fact, even if there is technique, there are no
rules… Only emotion counts.

She has her workshop in the town
of Sanary-sur-mer, located between the
Provence and the Côte d’Azur.

Daughter of the North where she early discovered
her artistic soul and attended the Beaux-Arts school
in Valenciennes, the Mediterranean blue
had warmed her heart and so she further
developed her technique at the Fine Arts school of
Toulon. Contemplative of nature and architecture, she paints the reflection of her emotions.

Signature Agnès BRUSCA Artiste Peintre
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